Database Management Systems Textbook

Jerry Post

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Chapter 1: Introduction General References Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Oracle technology network Ingres Sybase IBM DB2 Free DBMS now controlled by Oracle A better free DBMS Association for Computing Machinery Questions and sometimes answers on many topics and subtopics Discussion group Discussion group Discussion group News group on SQL Server U.S. government Web site (HHS) with ICD-10 codes. Dictionary of computer terms
Chapter 2: Database Design Design Documentation The primary site for UML documentation and examples. UML documentation and comments. Oracle data type descriptions SQL Server data type descriptions Database design system
Chapter 3: Data Normalization Information on Database Design Database Programming & Design magazine. Introducton to normalization. Normalization examples.
Chapter 4: Data Queries Basic SQL References ISO SQL committee. Standards documents Free versiosn of draft standards. Magazine and blogs on SQL. Magazine with SQL emphasis. SQL hints and comments. Online SQL notes. XQuery reference. Oracle XML documentation. One regex tutorial. Microsoft article with the CLR regex function. URL=/library/psdk/sql/portal_7ap1.htm Microsoft SQL Server notes. Introductory SQL help.
Chapter 5: Advanced Queries and Subqueries Detailed discussions of SQL Association for Computing Machinery—Special Interest Group: Management of Data. ACM digital library with thousands of searchable full-text articles. Oracle online documentation library, including SQL Reference. Microsoft SQL Server Books Online reference. IBM DB2 reference. MySQL reference.
Chapter 6: Forms, Reports and Applications Design Guidelines Accessibility guidelines. Primary site for Unicode information... Association for Computing Machinery—Special Interest Group: Computer and Human Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery—Special Interest Group: Computers and the Physically Handicapped.
Chapter 7: Database Integrity and Transactions Programming Guidelines Association for Computing Machinery—Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (advanced). Avoiding common database programming mistakes.
Chapter 8: Applications Design Background Microsoft site for accessibility issues. Microsoft design guide for Windows. Oracle application tips. Web site run by Jakob Nielson (a researcher in usability). Introduction and small examples of Microsoft Help 3.
Chapter 9: Data Warehouses and Data Mining Application Guidelines Oracle OLAP process Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio. IBM Cognos OLAP tools SQL 99 OLAP standards
Chapter 10: Database Administration Planning, Performance, and Security Data Management organization. Association for Information Technology Professionals organization. Association for Computing Machinery: Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control. Internet organization tracking security topics. Web site for general discussion of DBA issues, covering multiple DBMSs. Database security and other database management topics.
Chapter 11: Distributed Databases and The Internet Basic Web Construction Help Web standards body. Search for Microsoft's .NET framework and documentation. Java and JDBC documentation and references.
Chapter 12: Physical Database Design Performance and Management Hints on improving performance for SQL Server. Oracle performance tuning. General B-tree information and coding.