Excel Assignments

PDF Files Office 2007/2010  Office 2003 PDF Sample Data
 Basics Excel-00 Excel-00
 Basic Calculations and Totals Excel-01 Excel-01
 No Magic Numbers Excel-02 Excel-02
 Creating Charts Excel-03 Excel-03
 Using Functions Excel-04 Excel-04
 Tricks for Entering Data Excel-05 Excel-05
Importing External Data Excel-06 Excel-06
Creating Scenarios Excel-07 Excel-07
Using Solver for Min and Max Excel-08 Excel-08
Filtering Data Excel-09 Excel-09 Data
Creating Subtotals Excel-10 Excel-10 Data
Creating a PivotTable Excel-11 Excel-11 Data
Introduction to Regression Excel-12 Excel-12 Data
VLookup Excel-13    
Charts: Multiple Stacked bars Excel-14    
Weight Avg: SumProduct Excel-15    

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