Management Information Systems Textbook/3e

Gerald Post & David Anderson
ChapterTitleApplication AppendixIndustry Cases
1 Introduction Finding Information Fast Food Industry
2 IT Foundations Displaying Data Entrepreneurial Business
3 Networks and Telecommunications Creating Web Pages Specialty Retail
4 Security, Privacy, and Anonymity Encrypting E-Mail Wholesale Trade
5 Transactions and Electronic Commerce Accounting Review Retail Sales
6 Database Management Building Forms in Access Airlines
7 Integration of Information Interactive On Line Meetings Automobile Industry
8 Models and Decision Support Forecasting Computer Hardware
9 Complex Decisions and Expert Systems E-Mail Rules Franchises
10 Strategic Analysis Solving Business Problems Travel Industry
11 Electronic Business Creating a Business Plan Package Delivery
12 Systems Development Visual Basic Government Agencies
13 Organizing Information System Resources Project Management Financial Services
14 Information Management and Society Computer-Related Laws Health Care

Additional Appendixes on the CD-ROM: Financial Ratios, Optimization, Presentations

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