Introduction to Sally's Pet Store

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A young lady with a love for animals is starting a new type of pet store. Sally wants to match pets with owners who will take good care of the animals. One of her key objectives is to closely monitor breeders to make sure that they take good care of all of their animals and that baby animals receive proper care and attention so they will become friendly pets. A second objective is to develop long-term relationships with customers. She wants to help them choose the best type of animal for each situation and to make sure the customers have all of the support and information they need to properly care for the animals.

Sally realizes that meeting these two objectives requires her to collect and monitor a large amount of data. After taking an information systems course in an MBA program, she realizes that she needs a database to help her collect data and monitor the operations of the store.

At the moment Sally has only one store, but she dreams of expanding into additional cities. She wants to hire and train workers to be “animal friends,” not salespeople. These friends will help customers choose the proper animal. They will answer questions about health, nutrition, and pet behavior. They will even be taught that some potential customers should be convinced not to buy an animal.

Because the workers will spend most of their time with the customers and animals, they will need technology to help them with their tasks. The new system will also have to be easy to use, since little time will be available for computer training.

Overview of Pet Store design.


Pet Store Class Diagram

Initial Pet Store Forms and Report