Rolling Thunder Bicycles: Data Generator (Bicycles)

Generate Bicycles and Customers. To provide realistic data and explore multiple situations, there are many options for generating bicycles and customers. There are six basic choices:

The location options are interesting in that you can have customers generate proportionately to the population distribution, within a specified ZipCode range, or within a specified distance of some geographic location.

To create interesting situations, it is helpful to generate customers and orders in small batches, emphasizing geographic locations or types of bicycles.

Controlling date ranges and pricing options enables you to drastically affect the profitability of the firm. Periodically you should check the total sales and costs, then generate additional bicycles to adjust the firm's profitability.

Use a Pentium processor to generate bicycle data. Create the data on a standalone database and then move it to the network. It will still take time to create large numbers of orders--watch the counter.

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