Rolling Thunder Bicycles: Product Management

This is a complex form that has links to several other forms. This section enables managers to change the way the system operates.

New components can be added, along with changes to attributes like price and description. Similarly, manufacturers can be added or attributes modified.

The order form helps people buy components as part of a group. Those groups are created and defined with the Groupo section of this form. Pick the groupo first (or enter a new name), then select the individual components in that group.

Model types and base sizing data are entered via a Models form. This data is used on the order form to estimate sizing, angles, and pricing. Do not attempt to change this data unless you know a lot about bicycles! The data is real and comes from bicycle manufacturers.

Paint and lettering options are easy to set-feel free to add new colors or styles. They will automatically appear in the combo boxes on the order form.

The most important feature of the Tube Materials form is the price estimate, which is used to compute the frame pricing. The current price data was chosen to generate reasonably accurate values for frame prices, but may not reflect true prices.

The Employee form handles standard employee data. Note the absence of tax data. Also, there are currently no provisions for hourly employees-everyone is on salary.

The Management Preference form should be avoided. In any case, NEVER change the ItemName! These are parameters that control the estimation of prices. For example, if the company needs to raise prices, management can change the overhead prices to automatically suggest a higher price to the salesperson. This form is a useful trick to prevent hard-coding parameters.

The Component Description is designed to provide additional information to students working with the order entry form who may not be familiar with standard bicycle terminology. Avoid changing any of these entries-except to clarify the explanation.

The paint options and employee tables have date attributes for discontinued items and released employees. The goal is to keep historical data, but prevent it from being used in current or future items.

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