Rolling Thunder Bicycles: Receive Supplies

As shipments arrive, they must be checked and recorded-both to adjust the inventory counts and to signify that we need to pay the suppliers. Because workers might have varying amounts of data when a shipment arrives, and because the form will be used by management (and accountants), the data can be sorted in several ways. Note that sorting is cumulative, checking two sort items causes the data to be sorted by the first item clicked and then the second, etc.

Double clicking the shipment in the main list will record every ordered item as being received. If some items were not received, the worker clicks the "PO Details" button to bring up the original purchase order. Individual quantities can then be adjusted on that form. Be very careful between single and double clicking on items. This is one of the few forms that needs to use double-clicks.

Despite the code designed to ensure data integrity, stored totals (e.g., inventory and account balances) can become inaccurate. The data generator subsystem contains routines to check the totals and automatically correct them.

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