Database Management Systems Textbook

Designing and Building Business Applications
Gerald Post
1IntroductionDatabase importance.
2Database DesignAnalysis: Emphasis on Class Diagrams (UML)
3Data NormalizationTranslating business rules to data rules.
4Data QueriesBasic queries, computations and groups.
5Advanced Queries and SubqueriesSubqueries, outer joins, and data definition.
6Forms and ReportsDesigning and creating forms and reports in a DB environment.
7Calculations and Data ManipulationProgramming in a database environment.
8Application DevelopmentUser interface and application issues.
9Physical DesignData storage options and control.
10Database AdministrationAdminstration tasks and security.
11Distributed Databases and The InternetClient-server issues, and data-based interactive Web sites.
12Object-Oriented Databases and Integrated ApplicationsObjects, and integration across applications.

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